Top 10 Strangest Human Diseases

People have been subject to a myriad of diseases since time immemorial. While some diseases do nothing more than send you to bed with a few body pains or some rashes, there are others that will disfigure you for life. These types of diseases are not so common (which is a good ...Read More

Top Ten Tweets that Got People Fired

A lot of people now have quite a handful of social media accounts. With Wi-Fi hotspots almost everywhere and with smartphones which allow people to have internet access even while on the go, people can be more connected to others with just a few swipes and taps on their devices. Social media ...Read More

Strangest Extinct Creatures

The earth is full of life and through many years, it has seen some species come and go. Extinction can be brought about by several factors, but perhaps the greatest cause is how Man meddles with the course of nature. When animal habitats are destroyed or when a species is hunted for ...Read More

Top Ten Overrated Food Trends

Every once in a while trends sweep the nation. May it be about fashion, music, or food, there’s something that’s bound to be wanted by everyone at the same time for a few weeks or months. Sometimes though, these trends tend to be overrated and people just want it and join the ...Read More

Top 10 Deadliest Plagues of All Time

It is a fact that every few years or decades, new diseases and viruses rear their ugly little heads to make the lives of people horrible. When this happens, governments usually go mad trying to contain the disease but there are just times when they are too late or the disease is ...Read More

10 Reasons Why You are Still Single

No one really wants to be alone, right? This is the reason why people sign up for online dating sites, join speed dating events, and ask their friends to set them up. It is no fun to spend life alone and it is always better to have a partner.  However, for some ...Read More

Providing News and Information on the Fast Track

With the world running on full throttle, it needs to be kept up to date with the details, from the really important, to the utterly insignificant. Gone are the days when somebody could have easily waited for the news to reach their doorstep, for then there were simpler and kinder days when ...Read More

10 Weirdest Startup Ideas

Business ideas is what makes a perfect start to an entrepreneur career. Young people tries to find out what is that people of the world need or what should be available for their ease and is not. They search for major problems in their view and tries their best to solve them ...Read More

Top Job Sites That Actually Work

Twenty first century, where young population is at their peak but what happens when these youngsters get on streets for jobs? They struggle! And to end this struggle some online recruitment websites came into existence. In this article top websites for this purpose is mentioned with brief details which could be very ...Read More

Top 10 Most Unusual Birthday Traditions Around The World

Birthdays all around the world are celebrated in the most unique ways. Sitting where you are sitting, you may find these birthday gestures from all around the world most strange and amusing, but the countries to which these tradition belong, find them to be normal, acceptable and a part of their routines. ...Read More